Our high-end Crocodile Embossed Leather can be easily identified by its refined brightness. Our professional artisans print and dye the leather to create this outstanding effect. Even more color and dimension are added by hand-brushing the leather. Each animal is different, so every Crocodile Embossed Leather bag will be unique.


Our Full-Grain Leather can be particularly identified by its texture: engraved with a greater grain. Its aspect is classic, atemporal and resistant, with a touch of comfortability and softness. It adapts to all typologies, either hard or soft, which creates a relaxed sensation.


Our Nappa Leather is thicker, smoother and softer than the average; which makes the bag look more comfortable and softer, both to touch and to sight. This effect is produced by our specialized leather controllers who focus on selecting top quality Nappa leather. Its texture is stunningly soft, light and luxurious.


Our Bridge Leather is a vegetable tanned leather, soft and with a greater thickness. This produces the remarkable effect of comfort and softness, not only to touch, but also to sight. Still, it keeps its natural, smooth and sectorized graining texture.


Our Cowhide Leather is a vegetable tanned leather, soft and with a greater thickness. The main attribute of this beautiful leather is its natural fur and original spots. Each piece is unique and one-off. It will always keep its soft and exclusive texture.


Our Suede Leather is made from the underside of the animal skin. It can be identified by being thinner, not as strong as Full-Grain Leather. Specially selected by our expert artisans, its a leather with high softness and pleasurable to caress.



Our Canvas is a smooth woven fabric made of 100% cotton. Its durability, resistance and lightness make it ideal to combine it with other materials. The full colors, dyed with natural pigments, gives an informal and classic look to each of the products from this collection.


Our Distressed Panama is a fabric made of interwoven strands in 100% cotton. Its distressed finish, of washed-out colors, gives a sophisticated touch to each of the products from this collection. Resistance, durability and lightness are definitely a part of this fabric.


This is our most technological weave, which comes from synthetic rubber. Our Neoprene is durable and both water resistant and wear resistant. Its lightness and flexibility give a spark of a young, distinctive and sporty look.