Founded in 1948 in the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina, LAZARO is a family business with three generations of expertise in creating modern designs. Using traditional craftsmanship methods and top-quality Argentine leather, the noblest of materials, to make our products last a lifetime.

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100% Premium Leather

Leather industry in Argentina is older than the country itself.

Argentine leather is categorized as a top-notch leather in the world.

Our goods are made to last lifetime.

Argentine Good Design Hallmark

AGDH is an official distinction awarded to goods that outstand for their innovation and design quality

Lazaro was distinguished for our differentiating features in the productive, marketing and identity network, and contribution to sustainable development.

Sustainable Development

Our leather is a natural byproduct of farming.

Without leather industry, 7 millions tones of cow hides would be added to landfill.

Our goods are shipped in a re-utilizable packaging.