Leather makes a sustainable contribution to a society that needs to consume less, reuse more, and recycle everything.

Natural byproduct: Leather is a natural byproduct of farming. Without the ability of the leather industry to transform cow hides into leather, over 7 million tons would go to landfill with huge environmental and biological impact.

Ages well and lasts: : Well-made leather lasts longer and, unlike most artificial materials, it gets better with age. As we mindfully look for ways to lower consumption, leather very much fits with the ethos of ‘ buy less , buy better ’. An artificial material product is used for 2 years and takes 500 years to biodegrade, whereas a leather product that can be used for a lifetime.

Easy to Repair and Maintain: One of the main paths towards sustainability starts with a product that can be easily repaired and has longer utility. In addition, leather needs very little in the way of life - time maintenance. Investing in quality leather products is investing for the future.

In Lazaro, we expertly handcraft our products with the best real Argentine Leather

We design and make real leather goods that last for years

We use tanneries that have sustainability certification

We ship and pack our goods in reusable bags and boxes